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Have fun on the Ardèche river...

It’s great for all the family and is not too difficult. To embark oadventure you must be able to swim and be aged 7 or over.

1/2 day

The mini-descent: departs from Vallon Pont d’arc/ arrives at Châmes: a distance of 7km. Depart anytime. This is a perfect beginners descent, a gentle excursion that takes you under the famous Pont d’Arc, approximately 1 hour 30 mins. of navigation. You can keep your boat for longer to have a picnic, swim and take in the beautiful scenery.

The 13km descent: maxi-mini 1 dayDeparts from Sampzon, and includes 5 canoe slides/weirs and passes under the Pont d’Arc, approximately 3 hours of navigation.

1 day

The 24km descent: 1 day
Departs just after the Pont d’arc at Châmes between 8.30am and 9.30am, we
will take you to the departure point via mini bus where you will embark on your river trip through the stunning National Nature Reserve of the Ardèche Gorge.
The average duration of this descent is 4 hours 30 minutes of navigation (not including any breaks).
Morning coffee and refreshments on your return are provided.

The 32km descent: 1 day
Plan to depart between 8am and 9.30am from our base, we will pick you up
at Sauze at 5pm and bring you back to Vallon. This descent requires an average of 7 hours (not including breaks).
Morning coffee and refreshments on your return are provided.

2 days

To really get the most out of your trip the 2 days option allows you to experience the whole descent. Soak up the atmosphere and beautiful scenery in the very heart of the gorge and even spend a night under canvas if you choose the ‘bivouac’ option.

The 32km descent: 2 days with the bivouac option.
This option allows you to navigate 24km or 32km over two days.
Staying over night on one of our Bivouac sites, Gaud or Gournier, where there are toilet and shower facilities. Barbecues are also available.
Book your Bivouac directly on these numbers:
+33 4 75 88 00 41 or
by fax: +33 4 75 37 60 71
website: www.gorgesdelardeche.fr

"Pack mini +24km"(2 days of your choice)
One day is the 8km descent and the next day is the 24 km descent or vice-versa - your choice.