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What about experiencing something really special as a family, with friends or as a group? Do you fancy exploring nature in a fun and unique way? Are you up for a challenge?


Canyoning is a water sport that consists of hiking down a canyon/gorge via
various natural obstacles:
natural slides, waterfalls, jumps etc.
There are two options: half-day or full day.
Price: from 35 €.
Group price - contact us.
Technical equipment provided (harnesses, helmets, wetsuits etc.)

- swimming costume
- trainers
- picnic (we suggest sandwiches).


Caving is a sport that allows us to explore a fascinating underground world, it takes us back in time, rich in history. The caves found in the southern
Ardèche enable us to bring together sport and cultural activities by
understanding the geology of these underground landscapes and studying
the evidence of human occupation that dates back to pre-historic times.
There are several routes available to suit your needs and your level.
1/2 day and 1 day trips are available.
A night-time trip is also available.
Technical equipment is provided.
Price: from 35 €.
Group price - please contact us.
Group sizes are limited to 8-10 people depending on a particular route.